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Doctor Taylor

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I finally graduated with my nursing degree and now it’s time to celebrate. Out with my girls, I come across the man of my dreams. Tall, dark, and oh so sexy. When I see him with another girl, I move on, after all it’s just a night out anyway and it’s time for me to focus on my career anyway. 

Until we end up at the same hospital. 

I had no idea he was a doctor, and now he’s become the forbidden fruit I see every day. 


At this age, I’ve had it with relationships. Call me sour, but nobody is faithful and I’d rather have a taste and move on.  

Then, I run into the beauty from the club. I was attracted to her immediately, but didn’t make a move. Now, after spending some time with her, I might be convinced to change my tune about being a one-woman man. She’s smart, funny, and driven. Everything I’ve ever wanted. 

But she’s a lot younger than me, can she be trusted? We’re locked into a contract at the hospital together, only one way to find out.

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Accidental Neighbour

Available Now from Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

Thomas will do anything for his daughters. That includes the hard work of rebuilding their lives after his wife’s tragic death a year ago. But unrelenting grief and fear of suffering another loss keeps him from moving forward and embracing the possibility of love again.

Jennifer takes nothing for granted. She knows to get ahead at work; she has to work harder than everyone else and remain focused. Focusing would be a lot easier if Thomas wasn’t so irresistible, and her overprotective father wasn’t so disapproving of the romance.

With his heart and his daughters’ well-being at the forefront of his mind, will Thomas deny himself the opportunity to love again, or will he follow his heart and see where it leads?

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