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I’m his new trainee, and he has one rule: no dating employees. 


Sick of working for my parents in our small town, I apply for a traineeship in the city. While waiting at the airport, on a high from nailing my job interview, I meet James, a tall, handsome businessman who comments on my glass of Champagne.


His charisma and dark eyes have me feeling all hot and bothered. I catch my flight home and think I’d never see him again…


But when I arrive on my first day as a trainee, I bump into him and I’m blushing again. It isn’t until I meet the new CEO and find out it’s…Him.


My plan is to focus on the program and not get distracted by him. But when he takes time out to teach me when I get stuck with a project and encourages my newly found independence, my attraction for him grows stronger.


One night we cross a line, making it impossible for me to deny my feelings. Now, where does that leave me? 


Do I choose work or love?

White Empire Discreet Signed Paperback

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