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Matte Signed Paperback


Doctor Damien Gray, is my brother’s hot, and much older, best friend.


The grumpy single dad has always appeared in my dirtiest of fantasies but in real life he’s off-limits.


Except when one night he joins the online app I secretly work for.

I’m on there to pay student loans.


He’s there to see a woman’s body after his divorce.


At first, I didn’t recognize his deep voice, dirty mouth, and ripples of muscles. But one night he showed me his face…I recognized him instantly.


Seeing his cold eyes turn blazingly hungry, makes me keep my mask on and my identity a secret.


Well…until one day at lunch, he realizes it’s me and my brother walks in and overhears.


Now that everything is out on the line including my heart. Will I be able to convince Damien that what we had is real?

Doctor Gray Special Edition Signed Paperback

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