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Signed Gloss Paperback 





I finally graduated with my nursing degree and now it’s time to celebrate. Out with my girls, I come across the man of my dreams. Tall, dark, and oh so sexy. When I see him with another girl, I move on, after all it’s just a night out anyway and it’s time for me to focus on my career anyway. 


Until we end up at the same hospital. 


I had no idea he was a doctor, and now he’s become the forbidden fruit I see every day. 



At this age, I’ve had it with relationships. Call me sour, but nobody is faithful and I’d rather have a taste and move on.  


Then, I run into the beauty from the club. I was attracted to her immediately, but didn’t make a move. Now, after spending some time with her, I might be convinced to change my tune about being a one-woman man. She’s smart, funny, and driven. Everything I’ve ever wanted. 


But she’s a lot younger than me, can she be trusted? We’re locked into a contract at the hospital together, only one way to find out.

Doctor Taylor Signed Paperback

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