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Signed Matte Paperback




Alex Taylor is the hospital's playboy doctor–hot, fun, and charming.


I’ve known him since my best friend married his brother, and I’ve avoided the chemistry between us and put off his flirty advances.


That is until I stood to lose my inheritance.


Now, I need his help to convince my family that we’re engaged.


It doesn’t take much convincing because he sees it like a game.


How hard can that be? Get engaged and move in with him.


Act like a married couple in front of people but “just friends” when doors are closed.


Piece of cake.


Only the lines become blurred when you live together, and suddenly his crooked smiles, naked body, and flirty charms are all yours…


When he asked me to marry him, I didn’t expect my heart to be in it forever.

Doctor I Do Signed Paperback

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